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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Ways to prepare and cook food basic English lesson

Ways to prepare and cook food basic English lesson

What will I learn from the English lesson different ways of food preparation?

The first part of lesson you will learn the vocabulary for different ways of food preparation and ways cooking. The last part of the lessons shows a list of ways of cooking and preparing food with a short description. 

Ways to prepare and cook food 

Learning the vocabulary for preparing and cooking food 

 A small list of ways to cook and prepare food explanations

Different ways to cook 
   Remove the outer covering from a fruit, vegetable.
   Cut a thicker piece of food into slices.
   Rub food against a grater so it is cut it into a lot of small pieces.
   Pour the milk, water ext. Into the bowl
   Combine food / liquid together so it becomes one.
   A utensil needed for whipping eggs or cream. Very quickly
   Heat a liquid until it boils.
   Cook food in a very hot oil.
   Rolling pin used for making pastry flat and making cake shapes.   
   Move a spoon around in a pan in a circle.
   Liquid or food just below boiling point and bubbling only gently.        
   Cook an egg in or over boiling water. Fish can also be poached.
   Cook food without a flame, in an oven.
   Cook meat a long time an oven or over a fire
  Grill / BBQ
   Cook food under heat from a metal bar or flame.
   Become liquefied by using a form of heat
   Move a spoon around in a liquid  in order to mix it.
   A spread is a food that can  be spread with a knife onto bread.
   to eat or drink a little of.

Ways of preparing and cooking food exercise

How to complete the exercise on different ways of food preparation and cooking?

To complete the exercise write the correct vocabulary for each picture.

Ways to prepare and cook food exercise

Food preparation and cooking exercise

What is each picture doing?

  • Is it cooking the food?
  • Is it food preparation?

Print the exercise

To print the exercise on different ways that you can prepare and cook food  right click on a white space and choose print. You can click on the printer icon just below and to the right of the contact us menu button at the top of the page.

Answers to the exercise 

To view the answers click on the link Food preparation and cooking English lesson

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